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Go solar with $0 upfront

A new way for solar energy to be delivered to your home
  • Pay $0 upfront

  • Lock in low solar energy rate
  • No hassle of maintenance and monitoring
Our Solar Specialists will look over things to make sure Solar Flex is right for you

Our Certifications

Are you looking to install solar panels on your home, business or farm?

Maximise your energy efficiency and minimise costs by installing panels, inverters and cables that are tested and proven to perform in Australian conditions. Many generic and foreign alternatives are unable to withstand the demands of the state’s heavy rain and extreme heat. Don’t waste money on equipment that isn’t built for local conditions.

Arnold Electrical and Data Installations was acquired by Origin Energy to create a specialised Solar Division within Origin. Here, our R&D team continuously studies power output from varying solar panels and combinations. As a result of our research, we know how to optimise your power output based on your roof type, property direction and other key factors.

How does it work?

What does solar ready mean?

Being solar ready means that your property is suitable for installation of our solar system. Generally, we can give you an idea over the phone, but we won‘t know until we visit your property.

You may incur additional costs for your property to be solar ready (such as electrical works, cabling or/and roof repairs).

Solar energy rate is subject to charge of CPI annually and change in law. Approved Purchases only.

Solar Panels

We offer our consumers only the best quality, tested and trusted products that deliver optimum lifetime performance. You can rely on us to make sure you’ll enjoy large reductions in your electricity bills for the long-term.

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